Call for Experience Reports

Experience reports are at the heart of learning in the Agile community.

We are soliciting for experience reports to form part of the Experience Report Track at XP Day 2011. If you have had an experience that you feel would be of value to the wider community, please submit a session.

If you have not presented before, you will be assigned a shepherd to help you prepare.

To submit a session, leave a comment on this post. We will create a blog post for each experience report so that others can leave a comment on your submission.

Your submission should be a paragraph or two and should cover the following points as appropriate:

  1. Background context
  2. What we wanted to change
  3. What we tried
  4. Something that succeeded
  5. Something that failed
  6. Something that surprised us

All the best

The XP Day 2011 team.


Lean Startup Track at XPDay

Dear All

We are delighted to announce that Salim Virani, the organiser of the London Lean Startup and various Lean Startup Camps will be organising a Lean Startup track for XP Day.

The Lean Startup track will be similar to the one that Salim ran at TNW “The Next Web” conference in Amsterdam. The Lean Startup track at TNW consisted of eight fifteen minute presentations and talks.

More details to follow!

The XP Day Team



21-22 November at Mary Ward House

Mary Ward HouseThis year XP Day will be on 21st and 22nd November at Mary Ward House

Once again, this will be a free event for practitioners which is funded by sponsorship. We are looking for sponsors for the event. Please contact Nader Talai for details.

Based on feedback from last year, this will be an open space event again, however we will also have two tracks:

  • Experience Reports ( as last year )
  • A technical track as this requires setup and planning. (Organiser: Marc Johnson – please e-mail me at

Even though this is an open space event, it does not mean that planned sessions are not allowed. Get planning!

Registration details will be posted here soon.

Xp Day