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As part of XP Day 2011 we’re putting together a magazine and we’re still open for contributes. We’re looking for articles of one to three pages: between 400 and 1200 words, (if you feel you need more than three pages please consider breaking it down in two pieces). Diagram are fine, please get in touch with me to talk about formats that will print well if you’re not sure.

I’m hoping for things like a favourite blog post prettied up, or a clever lightning talk written down, or the distillation of a good chat from the eXtreme Tuesday Club. Of course something new is also very welcome. Just something that you can pull together without too much bother.

The key is that the deadline for printing is very close, and I’ll need your text in the next couple weeks.

Even if you’re not a position to make a contribution you may know someone who would like to be part of the magazine and that I might not have thought to ask. Ideally we’re looking for people connected to XP and the agile developer community in London, but we’ve been a significant crossroad for a long time so there are many people who might have something to say. You could copy this email to them or forward their name to me and I’ll get in touch a quickly as I can, whatever is easiest for you.

Please mail submissions to me at julian.b.kelsey at with your article in plain text. Any diagrams should be a suitable resolution or format for printing. Please clearly indicate what contact information you would like printed and include about one tweet, more or less, of biographical details. Also if you would like to include a photo please send one suitable for printing.

If you’ve got any questions please ask me.

Thanks, Julian Kelsey.

3 Comments on “Magazine Articles”

  1. Agile Tools says:

    Hi Julian, Am new to XPDay. Can you please provide me with your email id or phone number that i can get in touch you with. We are interested to contribute articles.

  2. Sure, the basic requirements for articles including my email address are in the Magazine articles post in the blog here:

    I have a more flexible printer now so I’m able to extend the due date until the end of the first week of November, but at this stage sooner is better.

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