Call for Technical Sessions

The technical track is now closed, please see the schedule for more details.

Based upon the feedback from last year, many people are interesting in more in depth technical sessions. As these generally need more preparation and have a more practical style, we are running this as a separate track to the main open spaces.

We’re looking for enthusiastic people to run sessions on new technologies or ways of working, based upon their practical experiences.

We are particulary focusing on iterative and incremental development. How do we get feedback fast without the software getting so impenetrable that the project grinds to a halt or grinds on endlessly in mediocrity.

Sessions could include topics around technical practices e.g. testing, TDD, refactoring, build and deployment automation or the teamwork practices a technical team needs to do that well and continually improve, e.g. retrospectives, collaborative design, egoless development, specification by example, etc.

If that sounds like you, please submit a summary of your session idea, brief plan and goals to Marc Johnson.

One Comment on “Call for Technical Sessions”

  1. Jamie says:

    I could do one about testing financial applications using: TDD+mocks combined with a hack-and-slash prototype. It works for me and combines the best and worst practices. I would call it, ‘Plan to throw seven away, you will anway’, it’s a highly iterative approach that I’ve just refined at a bank.


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