Lean Startup Track @ XPDay

The Lean Startup Community has arranged to join XPDay on Tuesday.

They will start with a one hour introduction at 9.30.

Speakers will stick around so that they can be pulled into open space sessions.

Presenters/Topic include…

  • Philipp Moehring, Seedcamp  – Lean Startup from an investors POV
  • Salim Virani, Leancamp – Web Business Models and the Missionary Position
  • Damien Kimmelman,  Duedil – Lean Hiring & Teams
  • Chris Matts – Feature Injection
  • Dan Hill, Crashpadder – Cohort analysis in Google Analytics (or just what’s the point of cohorts?)
  • James Gill, Go Squared – How we decided to pivot (interview)
  • Rob Fitzpatrick, The Startup Toolkit – Turns Out My Business Was A Blog


Track Host.

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