XpDay 2012

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Lean Startup Track @ XPDay

The Lean Startup Community has arranged to join XPDay on Tuesday.

They will start with a one hour introduction at 9.30.

Speakers will stick around so that they can be pulled into open space sessions.

Presenters/Topic include…

  • Philipp Moehring, Seedcamp  – Lean Startup from an investors POV
  • Salim Virani, Leancamp – Web Business Models and the Missionary Position
  • Damien Kimmelman,  Duedil – Lean Hiring & Teams
  • Chris Matts – Feature Injection
  • Dan Hill, Crashpadder – Cohort analysis in Google Analytics (or just what’s the point of cohorts?)
  • James Gill, Go Squared – How we decided to pivot (interview)
  • Rob Fitzpatrick, The Startup Toolkit – Turns Out My Business Was A Blog


Track Host.

Sponsorship from OpenMarket and Sky

We’d like to thank OpenMarket and Sky for their sponsorship.

OpenMarket Logo

OpenMarket operates a leading global mobile transaction hub offering a comprehensive set of mobile payments, messaging and emerging services to enterprises, merchants and developers. From the largest consumer brands to the smallest business ventures, we empower companies to monetize their services, expand their marketing initiatives and strengthen customer relationships by leveraging the mobile channel. OpenMarket provides the most reliable cross-channel, cross-network platform with extensive mobile operator connections globally.

sky logo

Sky is a valued part of everyday life in over 10 million homes. We entertain, excite
and inspire customers with a great choice of high-quality television in high definition.
We make technology simple and put viewers in control. We connect people to each
other and to the world with our broadband and phone services.

We’re always looking for ways to improve. That spirit has made us what we are
today, and it will drive us to become what we want to be tomorrow.

We believe in better.

Call for Technical Sessions Now Closed

The technical track is now closed, please see the schedule for more details..

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who submitted a session proposal and hope to see everyone who isn’t running a technical session at the event, participating in an open space or running an experience report.

7digital are our title sponsors

We are very pleased to announce 7digital as a Title sponsor for XPDay 2011.

Rob Bowley, Head of Development at 7digital said:

I’m delighted to be in a position to be able to give something back to an event I and many others here at 7digital have benefited so much from. I personally don’t think I’d be in the position I am today if it wasn’t for XPDay, the Extreme Tuesday Club and all the inspiring people I’ve met there along the way.

7digital Ltd is a leading B2B and B2C media delivery company based in Shoreditch, London and operating globally. They provide Cloud-based services, MP3 music, ebooks and video services to a wide range of partners around the world. 7digital is growing rapidly and need talented and passionate people to join their team.

Call for Technical Sessions

The technical track is now closed, please see the schedule for more details.

Based upon the feedback from last year, many people are interesting in more in depth technical sessions. As these generally need more preparation and have a more practical style, we are running this as a separate track to the main open spaces.

We’re looking for enthusiastic people to run sessions on new technologies or ways of working, based upon their practical experiences.

We are particulary focusing on iterative and incremental development. How do we get feedback fast without the software getting so impenetrable that the project grinds to a halt or grinds on endlessly in mediocrity.

Sessions could include topics around technical practices e.g. testing, TDD, refactoring, build and deployment automation or the teamwork practices a technical team needs to do that well and continually improve, e.g. retrospectives, collaborative design, egoless development, specification by example, etc.

If that sounds like you, please submit a summary of your session idea, brief plan and goals to Marc Johnson.

Magazine Articles

As part of XP Day 2011 we’re putting together a magazine and we’re still open for contributes. We’re looking for articles of one to three pages: between 400 and 1200 words, (if you feel you need more than three pages please consider breaking it down in two pieces). Diagram are fine, please get in touch with me to talk about formats that will print well if you’re not sure.

I’m hoping for things like a favourite blog post prettied up, or a clever lightning talk written down, or the distillation of a good chat from the eXtreme Tuesday Club. Of course something new is also very welcome. Just something that you can pull together without too much bother.

The key is that the deadline for printing is very close, and I’ll need your text in the next couple weeks.

Even if you’re not a position to make a contribution you may know someone who would like to be part of the magazine and that I might not have thought to ask. Ideally we’re looking for people connected to XP and the agile developer community in London, but we’ve been a significant crossroad for a long time so there are many people who might have something to say. You could copy this email to them or forward their name to me and I’ll get in touch a quickly as I can, whatever is easiest for you.

Please mail submissions to me at julian.b.kelsey at gmail.com with your article in plain text. Any diagrams should be a suitable resolution or format for printing. Please clearly indicate what contact information you would like printed and include about one tweet, more or less, of biographical details. Also if you would like to include a photo please send one suitable for printing.

If you’ve got any questions please ask me.

Thanks, Julian Kelsey.